Creative urban Romanian cuisine

The smell of "Once upon a time" subtly translates you into stories from other times, like a bridge between two worlds lost in time.   Our story begins with "Once upon a time", but our guide to the past will be our taste, Dragomir Niculescu's refinement. At a time when strolls on the boulevard, the variety theater and the music of the writers were brought to the rank of art, Dragomir Niculescu's vision of bringing the glow of Paris into fashion, comes to life through the opening, on the road of Victoria, of the famous store that bears his name.   The value preparations were brought, with Orient Express, from the great capitals and always tasted, along with precious liqueurs, so that, in a short time, the Appetizer Hour at Dragomir Niculescu becomes a reason to whistle for the great personalities of the time, from politicians to actors. of theater, journalists, writers and worldly personalities of the time.

Innovation in concept food has its echo in inter-war Bucharest and becomes accessible starting this summer, precisely by reinterpreting, in a modern way, the vision of the famous Dragomir Niculescu, who became known in Eastern Europe for the effervescence of his preparations.